Monday, November 20, 2006

Papers partner with Yahoo

In an attempt to access readers and online advertising money, 150 + newspapers are partnering with the search engine, Yahoo.

Yahoo thinks that adding the newspapers will even the playing field with Google-- a major rival.

The deal will start with newspapers posting ads on Yahoo's classified jobs site, but will move into having actual news.

Finally, the newspapers are realizing that the future of news is online and that the Internet might be a threat for their print editions. Obviously the appeal is to gain access to a place that advertisers find desirable. Do you think this is an advancement for the newspaper industry? Or just another idea that may or may not help newspapers tap further into the online world?

To read an article from the Washington Post about the deal, click here.



At Sunday, November 26, 2006, Anonymous AL said...

Can we talk about this one more in class? I thought Yahoo was already "doing news" because it stamps its name on articles already.

I would still rather go to the actual paper's website to get the story. I would only want yahoo to help me locate it. I've had to do this run-around sometimes because I don't want Yahoo on articles I clip. I want the actual paper.


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