Sunday, November 19, 2006

Covering Fight Club

One of my hopes for making it big (i.e to the networks or cable news) is so I don’t have to cover local news.

I’m not saying local news isn’t important. I think it is. For most Americans what’s happening in their backyard is probably more important than what’s happening in Washington or New York or Shanghai….you get my drift.

But I’m talking about the local news stories that kind of make you cringe… bar brawls.

Turns out I may be out of luck.

CNN and Fox are turning to the local news mantra of hook ‘um with the video they’ll want to see.

According to Cable World
the two cable news networks are covering the type of stuff that you’d expect to find on “Live at Five.”

For example, last week on an “In America” segment CNN aired a fight between a peewee football coach and the ref.

Fox had the video too. Not to be out done the network aired what Sean Hannity called “Junior Ghetto Fights” in which young African Americans duke it out while being cheered on by adults.

As video becomes more and more accessible through the internet and sites like YouTube give amateurs the ability to disperse it and producers the ability to pick it up, is this what we can expect?

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