Wednesday, November 15, 2006

O.J. Simpson: If I Did it, Here’s How it Happened

Many criticize TV news for favoring stories of crime and pain over stories of safety and pleasure. Case and point: “if it bleeds it leads.” Well now it seems critics have even more to chew on.

In a two-part interview on Nov. 27 and Nov. 29, O.J. Simpson will tell FOX how he would have committed the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

The broadcast will air days before Simpson's new book, "If I Did It," goes on sale Nov. 30.

This is sick, disgusting and morally reprehensible, especially when O.J. vehemently denied committing the crime for over a decade. Any innocence he could possibly have is completely destroyed by this move.

Not only is this interview disturbing, but it will also be extremely painful for those who still mourn Simpson and Goldman. Simpson’s children will now have to re-live their mother’s death. And the sad part is they can thank their father for that.

Denise Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister, issued the statement: "It's unfortunate that Simpson has decided to awaken a nightmare that we have painfully endured and worked so hard to move beyond."

And then there are the questions: Why would someone want to play the role of a killer, and why would a network want to commercialize abuse?

NBC said it had been approached to air the special, but declined the offer.

FOX chose otherwise. They know the ratings will be through the roof.

But this shouldn’t be something to ride home about, even during sweeps. As Ron Goldman said on Larry King tonight, “Murder shouldn’t be glorified in any way shape or form.”

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At Thursday, November 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. What a sick human being. I think this is his way of saying, "I did it."

At Thursday, November 16, 2006, Anonymous AJ said...

What bothers me the most is that FOX is willing to air an interview with O.J. on this topic. Unfortunately, this seems to have become a trend in recent years.

Matt Lauer interviewed the teacher who slept with her student, Katie Couric gave the "Runaway Bride" a chance to tell her side of the story, and Mary Kay Letourneau made the news when she married her former student.

I'm not sure how we brings news back down to what matters instead of what's tabloid.


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