Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Do people still watch Nancy Grace?

Boo Hoo - Court TV reports Wednesday said Nancy Grace announced she is leaving the network to focus entirely on her CNN Headline News show, "Nancy Grace." Grace hosted a two-hour show on Court TV called "Nancy Grace -- Closing Arguments." Sources say Grace has been consdering the move for some time now, but my questions is when will she consider moving entirely off air?
I have not met one person who believes Nany Grace is anything but annoying.
Nancy Grace makes me embarrassed to tell people I am interested in legal reporting because whenever I say that I am, people follow with "So, you want to be like Nancy Grace?"
No, absolutely not. To give you an idea of how Court TV is contributing to my point in taking her off air, they are replacing her show with Star Jones' new show -- that is unforunate on several levels.

1) Nancy Grace is being kicked off because of Star Jones
2) Star Jones is kicking Nancy Grace off of her show.

Both points are pretty embarassing for Grace, I think.

What about Grace made her such a celebrity for crime and investigative reporting? It was suprising to me when I read that her CNN Headline news show has experienced higher ratings recently. Who still watches her?

Hopefully decreasing Grace's airtime will make way for new legal reporters who can succesfully convey the complicated world of legal affairs to viewers who seek substantial information, not tacky, insensitive statements that annoy you more than anything else.

Just because Court TV is saying Bye to Grace, I hope that does not mean Headline News will give her more air time.


At Saturday, May 12, 2007, Blogger AG said...

I'm sorry... I agree and just think it's comical. Nancy Grace makes me laugh when I watch her because she is so intense. But, she has a pretty loyal audience I would have to say. The people that really like her are very loyal to her... which also makes me laugh.

But, to answer your question... yes, there is an audience that appreciates Nancy Grace, whether or not you consider that unfortunate is a whole other issue.


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