Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Slow News Week or Just Bad Editorial Decisions???

This week was probably a slow week in least I hope. I was absolutely disgusted with prominent news outfits showing the David Hasselhoff tape or running stories on Paris Hilton going to the penitentiary. And, to make matters worse, these stories were not in the B block of new or the C block, they were top stories or the subject of entire shows.
On three news channels, the Hasselhoff story seemed to recycle itself every 15 minutes. The news outlets would continuously roll the tape of Hasselhoff drunk on the bathroom floor of his Las Vegas home with his daughter videotaping him while he launched obscenities at her and the camera and picked at a sloppy hamburger. In between these rants, he would say, "I am a recovering alcoholic and relapse is a part of recovery." The videotape replaying was overkill. And, it was not newsworthy. Can someone please tell me what was newsworthy about this non-story? Clearly, this was done by stations for ratings and nothing more. Who in the morning editorial meeting said we are going to run with this story? Nonetheless, how much embarrassment can one family news organizations not care that young kids are involved in these situations?
Now, what is most startling is that this story has still not died. Yesterday, the news networks ran stories with Pamela Bach, Hasselhoff's ex-wife making claims that Hasselhoff assaulted her in drunken rages. Thus, supporting Bach's allegations that Hasselhoff's alcohol abuse is what prompted their divorce. Now, it does not end here, the news organizations both local, national and international (broadcast, radio and print) are running stories with Hasselhoff lashing back at his wife and her assualt allegations. Now, at this point, I feel like the media has become the stage for divorces and marital disputes to play out. I would expect to hear about these stories on E! or Inside Edition, but why is NBC devoting whole shows to this issue? Why do I have to see David Hasselhoff drunk on my television screen at 5 am, 11 am and then again at 4 p.m.?
In the past two weeks, we have dealth with a similar situation with Alec Baldwin and his abusive message to his daughter Ireland. Now, the question I ask is...who is leaking these tapes to the media? Can we get to the bottom of that? Maybe herein lies the news. The common denominator in all of these stories are out of control fathers who are either going through divorces or that are just recently divorced and not on good terms with their exes. Clearly, the exes have motive...not to mention, what child would not show their parent what the other parent said on tape or did on-camera. While both mothers have denied leaking the tapes, I want to know who is the source here. Is it them? Are they being paid for these tapes? And, if they are selling these tapes, doesn't that make them the bad parent for airing the family's dirty laundry on national television.
Also, can we stop giving publicity to these leaked tapes. They have no substance and are ridiculous. I would rather do MOSs all day on the street asking Chicagoans how they feel about the city or country than air these worthless peices of garbage that take up valuable air time. And can someone please send Hasselhoff back to Baywatch where he belongs.


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