Saturday, October 07, 2006

Liberals yet to counter Fox News with TV channel

I have a question: Why can’t liberals get a cable TV channel off the ground?

Fox News is thriving (just celebrated 10 years) and getting ratings galore (Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor" brings in more than 2 million viewers a night) with news tilted to the right, but liberals are nowhere to be found on the talking picture box (unless you count the evening news, but that’s for another blog entry).

Those swinging left have one main non-print outlet…on the radio. Yup, I’m talking about Air America (a.k.a. The Al Franken Project).

So, I'll ask again, why do you think the left-wingers don’t have a TV channel? Is it that they can’t unite? Would they not get ratings? Have they tried (insert Al Gore here)? Will there ever be an all-liberal network?

And going back to Fox News for a moment. The channel touts itself as being "fair and balanced." Do you think that's the case? Does Bill O'Reilly really exist in a "no spin zone"?

Read more about Fox News turning 10 and what it means in the cable landscape @

All thoughts, questions and concerns are welcome.

- L


At Thursday, October 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After dwindling away on the urban desk as the slot editor today, I'm going to try to offer a coherent comment now. My guess would be that if democrats can't get a unified voice in politics and government, could they have one on television? Do they even have anything to do with each other? Or couldn't it be that despite the high number of liberals, our country is still more conservative when it comes to issues close to him and since television penetrates the home, maybe viewers wouldn't warmly receive liberal "entry."

And in terms of creating and guiding the growth of society, as open-minded as we should be to liberalism, isn't it just necessary to stay "on the safe side" on wide-scale public platforms? In other words, we need rules to live by because we are human creatures and having a free-for-all would create chaos.

I know what I'm trying to say, but again, my brain is burnt today.

- AL


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