Thursday, April 26, 2007

Was a line finally drawn by ABC?

I have been a fan of “The View” for a very long time. I watched it all through college almost everyday… and to pass up the opportunity to discuss Rosie leaving the show, for whatever reason, is just too good.
I will say first, however, I was a very loyal viewer, no pun intended, until she came on the show. Honestly, the best way to describe it… I just couldn’t take her. It definitely qualifies for a talk show, but the women on “The View” can be considered journalists. If I had a spot on that daytime program, I would think of myself as a journalist. Everyday, they discuss issues in the media. Yet, one of the women on the panel always took it too far… Rosie. While it did seem to boost ratings, her rants were ridiculous. Most famous… making fun of Donald Trump openly about giving the former Miss America a second chance.

Second most famous… calling Kelly Ripa a homophobe after she hosted a show with Clay Aiken (who by the way has never publicly said he is gay).

Third most famous, all of the comments made on the war in Iraq. She is extremely outspoken about this, mostly fighting with one of her own co-hosts, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
Now, as an aspiring journalist, I am disgusted by her comments. I believe it is not normal to not hold an opinion, yet as a journalist it is our duty to the American people to first give the facts and if our opinions are allowed, as they are on a show like “The View” to give them in a tactful manner. Call me out if I am wrong… but I just think she is crude.
According to Rosie and Barbara Walters, it was a contract disagreement. Apparently, Rosie wanted one more year and ABC wanted three more years. Somehow, I find it hard to believe. And, I am not alone. Meredith Vieira asked media critic of Vanity Fair Michael Wolff on TODAY if it was true that was the real reason of Rosie’s departure. He responded, “Let me put it simply: Baloney.”
With all of the controversy she has stirred up, I completely agree with Wolff. It is baloney that they could not agree on a contract. I truly and honestly believe that she was asked to leave. Making comments, such as the ones she has, publicly is a turn-off to me. I think that as public figures, which journalists and talk show hosts are, you have to be careful. Obviously, this is a show that supports stating your views. But, in this case, it has gone way to far… and on national television.


At Thursday, April 26, 2007, Blogger KY said...

I think there is a fine line between having and executing your opinions in a professional manner and then being an obnoxious loose cannon - which Rosie has proven over and over that she is just that. Even when she joined the show, I had my doubts. I always associated The View with professional women discussing professional topics, steering clear of tabloid and too mcuh unnecessary drama. When Rosie came aboard, it seemed like all that went down the tubes. Rosie's presence took the view to a different place, and I think the success of the show backfired with her being hired. maybe the show should try and keep it to 3 hosts - they seem to be getting along well, and anyone they ask to join them seems to bring more headache than success

At Thursday, April 26, 2007, Blogger ji said...

Well I definitely agree that the we cant reach an agreement on a contract is an ABC lie---what they really mean is we dont want her back. Rosie is a loud mouth and really brought distaste to the show. I just cannot believe Barbara Walters stood behind here for so long. And as for the Clay Aiken thing...thank you, Rosie outed clay and that is alot worse than Kelly Ripa's comment. Believe me when I say, party at my house now that Rosie is gone. I just hope the View can regain the viewers is lost over this loud-mouth, loose cannon individual who was not there as a journalist, but as a host. Whomever hired Rosie, what were your intentions?

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