Sunday, November 05, 2006

And boom goes the dynamite

If you ever have a bad day in front of the camera, just go to YouTube and do a search for some seriously funny local news clips.

I have my favorites.

Grape stomp click here.

Leprechauns in the tree click here.

But the all-time best clip of someone screwing up on the anchor desk comes from a poor, Ball State undergraduate who was thrown into doing a sports segment at the last minute.

It is about four minutes long, so hang in there because it's so worth it.

Check it out here.

I have two main points in writing this blog entry. First, because of YouTube and the Internet, we should be afraid, very afraid. Anything that's caught on tape could hit Internet airwaves and be broadcast to everyone. So be careful!

Next, if you are in need of a laugh, local news seems to have an endless supply of hilarious snafus...many of which are just a Google search away.

And you shouldn't feel all that bad for the Ball State undergrad, Brian Collins. He got an appearance on Letterman for his efforts and launched a new sports catchphrase: "And boom goes the dynamite." All thanks to the Internet.



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